Serenity Scented Candles

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Serenity Scented Candles are made of Vanilla orchid, rose, lily, . Middle nutmeg, clove, cinnamon leaf, peppercorn, cardamom. Bottom amber, Tonka Bean, sandalwood, patchouli Soy candles . The JAR are reusable , sustainable,environmentallyfriendly,

Since themelting point for soy wax is relatively lower than paraffin, petroleum, or beeswax, they are longer lasting and have a cooler burn. We suggest that you keep the wick of the candle trimmed at all times to about 1/8-inch long.Trimmingthe wick ensures an even burn and prevents the sides of the jar to be exposed to the flame. 

  • Glass jar
  • Easy to use.
  • Maximum burn.
  • Maximum durable scented.


  • Materials: Soy Blend Wax, Vanilla orchid, Fragrance, Cotton Wick, Glass Jar.
  • Scent: Vanilla Orchid
  • Color:Dye-Free
Feature: Eco-Friendly