About Us






Eccentric Scents is a Black Women Owned, we carry 100% Soy Scented Candles we are operating in Florida. We created Natural Soy Candles with long lasting burned time and free of toxic. Our candle will fill your home with an inviting aroma and lift your mood with vibrant scents. we have a variety of products, from Candle, Wax Melt, Rose Water, Room Spray, Lip Balm, Foot Butter, Body Scrub, Handcrafted Soap, we carry Most Bath and Body Products and Hope you will Find your true Unique Scent with every purchase.

Every Scent is very important, unique, and definitely a mood setter. Each Scented candle from Eccentric Scents has the ability to evolve powerful emotions; that reminds us of what we previously forgotten. I live every moment with a scent, A Unique Scent that will fulfill your world.


If you have any Questions about our products, please use the CONTACT US